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Are you taking care of business in Lisbon?

Lisbon is increasingly becoming a thriving business centre. It is a city with a formal culture where the values of respect reign supreme. Learn all about know the traditions and rules of etiquette that will help your business achieve success.


  • Scheduling: In Lisbon, meeting scheduling is compulsory and delays are viewed negatively; 
  • Dress Code: It may vary according to the industry or the company's core business, but a full business suit is always a safe bet; 
  • Language: Portuguese is the main business language, but English is also common in most companies;
  • Introductions: As far as business is concerned, the handshake is the most traditional introduction. Maintain eye contact during the handshake. Business cards are usually exchanged when the meeting begins;


  • What to offer... and what not to offer? Products from your company or traditional products from your own country of origin are always welcome. Generic products, such as chocolates or pens, are not a good option. 
  • To whom? If you are meeting with only two or three people, you should offer gifts to all those whoa re present. If you are meeting with a large group of people, you may offer gifts only to your contact and the company's CEO (or a Board member who is present).

Business dinner

  • Where should you sit? Ideally, you should wait for other people to sit down;  Another good idea would be leaving the table's centre free. 
  • Dress code: Since this is a formal dinner, the meeting will also require a full business suit.
  • Drinks: A drink is usually had before and after dinner. You will make a good impression if you order a glass of Port wine, a traditionally Portuguese product.

Useful Information

Língua Portuguese

Hello: Olá
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Excuse me: Desculpe
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Obrigado/a
Bye Bye: Adeus

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