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A centre for new business

A city of opportunities, Luanda is today a major business destination. With its emerging markets, this place offers unique partnership opportunities for companies. Knowing and respecting this city's culture is vital for acceptance as a partner.


  • What to offer... and what not to offer? In Luanda, offering gifts is not common practice, so you will not need to bring anything;  If you do choose to offer a gift, don't be surprised if it is not opened in front of you;
  • To whom? If you want to bring gifts, then you should offer a gift to everyone in the room, starting with the eldest person present;

Business dinner

  • Where should you sit? Wait for someone to tell you where to sit. The top or central seats on the table are usually reserved for older people; 
  • Dress code: There is not much difference between business meeting dress code and business dinner dress code. Wear formal and elegant clothes as a sign of respect; 
  • What you should know: Greet everyone with a handshake; Angolans are friendly and enjoy relaxed dinners; Avoid discussing business if it is not mentioned;

Useful Information

Language Portuguese
Hello: Olá
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Excuse me: Desculpe
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Obrigado/a
Bye Bye: Adeus
Local Time 20H23 (UTC+01:00) West Central Africa
Electricity 220V.50 HZ
GSM 900/1800 MHz

3G (2100 Mhz) and 4G (LTE)