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Rep. of Namibia

Rep. of Namibia


Rich in natural attractions, Namibia has a world of treasures to offer to its visitors. Hot deserts contrast with endless beaches, and here the flora offers as much as the fauna. Discover the Republic of Namibia!

Between the dunes and the sea

Between the dunes and the sea

Between the 1,600 km of sand and the golden beaches, Namibia offers a true natural treasure to its visitors. 

The endless beauty of the desert with its huge sand dunes and the stars that enchant the sky at night, contrasts with the charm of the beaches carved by nature. Gardens, waterfalls, hot springs, deserts, caves and nature reserves are just some of the treasures that are waiting for you.

Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora

Namibia not only is the only country where you will find the Welvitcha Mirabilis plant, but it is also the scene of a large sample of fauna and flora. The Yona National Park offers you a visit to the caves and caverns where initially lived the Bochímanes people. 

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