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Latin America

A country where the beaches could be empty or filled with party, where the good mood is contagious and the gastronomic delicacies are part of the trip. Enter in the Samba and feel the Brazilian fun and relaxation!

The country where the beaches never end

The country where the beaches never end

Urban, deserted, filled with coconut trees, with reefs, white sand, black sand... Brazil has a treasure of sand and sea that fulfill every wish. 

Choose the north and visit the Praia da Princesa, a very rustic and exotic place. Follow to northeast and stop at the Praia da Lagoinha. 

Take a picture of the red dunes that contrast with the green of the palm trees and dive in the crystal clear water. Go to southeast, visit the Praia da Areia Preta and don’t forget to go to the famous Copacabana. In the south, the stop should be Ilha do Mel where you will come across a huge forest that blends with the beaches.

Adventures in enviable places

Adventures in enviable places

If you are looking for strong emotions, take a day to look at the options that Brazil has to offer. 

Rafting on the Rapó River, swimming in the Gruta Azul (look at the crack of 30 meters which gives access to the sea), canyoning and abseiling in the Cassorova waterfalls and several adventure parks spread across the country. 

Brazil has to offer many adventures in unforgettable scenarios.

The Brazilian restless rhythm

Music, dance, good humor, lots of joy and many delicacies to try.   Encouraged by their country’s climate and beauty, the Brazilians are contagious, where the party never ends and the smiles never leave the face.   

There are festivals in many regions and, if you can, visit Brazil at the time of Carnival to witness the best party ever. 

Don’t be shy and try everything that Brazil’s gastronomy has to offer. Cheese bread, rum, São Paulo’s pizzas and seafood from Santo Antônio de Lisboa. 

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