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House of Marrabenta, a beloved popular music, Mozambique is a country full of attractions that amaze any visitor. Find out what Mozambique has to offer!

A center of culture

A center of culture

Known for its cultural interventions in the areas of literature, painting, architecture, music and crafts, Mozambique is a real hub of African culture. Mia Couto, Malangatana and José Craveirinha are just a few examples of Mozambicans who have proven their talents internationally. 

The craft is noteworthy for its sculptures of black wood originating in the Makonde, north of Mozambique, but also for pieces that come from all over the country.

The quiet beaches

The quiet beaches

In Mozambique the beaches are calm, the sands are fine and the waters are turquoise blue. The warm waters invite you to dive and they are home to many marine species, some of which are already endangered species.   

In the country's north you can find the rocky beaches and in the south the sandy beaches, the favourite of tourists visiting Mozambique. 

For water sports enthusiasts, the waters are perfect for scuba diving and spearfishing.


The strength of nature

The strength of nature

Mozambique is the true paradise of nature! While in the South are the most tourist beaches and the bustling capital of the country, the north is a wild and unexplored territory. 

For those looking for adventure and discovery, northern Mozambique promises an unforgettable experience.

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