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Known for its chips, the craft beer and the exquisite chocolates, Belgium takes usto a magical World where the medieval is always present. Discover Belgium!

A dive into the History

A dive into the History

A small country but full of history, Belgium offers a lot of cultural attractions for those who wish to Know the country.   

The Central Station on Antwerp dazzles for its unmatched grandeur, while the medieval centre of Ghent reinforces the medieval and historical aspect of the country.   

Stroll also by the Flanders Battlefiels in Ypres and in the impressive Tyne Cot Cemetery in Zonnebeke. 


The medieval atmosphere of Burges

The medieval atmosphere of Burges

Although Brussel is the capital of Belgium, Bruges is one of the most loved cities. With a well-preserved historic centre and a waterway where you can sail, Bruges is a city that seems to be in a fairy tale and where the romance is everywhere. 

It’s medieval aspect together with the sound of the cathedral bells, transport the visitor to a magical world where you wish you never had to leave.


The mandatory treats

The mandatory treats

Who visit Belgium is bound to taste the three more traditional delicacies. The chips that are sold on the streets as a snack, exquisite chocolates and more than a thousand types of beer, one of the great prides of the Belgian People.    

Stroll through the streets while enjoying your chips, enter a speciality coffee to taste the chocolates and relax on a terrace at the end of the day, while drinking one of the acclaimed crafted beers.

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