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Romantic by nature, France is a must-see destination for those who find in art an inspiration and fall in love with the small details of life. Discover all that France has to offer!

The art, the charm and the beaches

The art, the charm and the beaches

Country where the art shines in every corner, France is the ideal place for those who appreciate rustic streets full of personality.   

Saint Paul de Vence, a village of Provence, has streets and houses made of stone that invite you to dive into history while its traditional coffees offer a relaxing break. 

If you enjoy beaches, the Nice, the capital of Riviera awaits you. Enjoy a sunny climate, marvel at the blue waters and, at the end of the day, stroll through its museums filled with history. To end the day, enjoy the busy night of the fifth largest city in France. 


Fall in love with nature

Fall in love with nature

If white landscapes are a favourite, the French Alps awaits you! Local acclaimed by his visitors, the Alps offer two different worlds. Winter with snow that skiers fall in love with and a summer that makes the Alps a perfect place for those who enjoy good walks in the heart of nature.   

Enjoy and make the wine route in Burgundy. 45 km of vineyards, villages, caves and restaurants that are waiting for you! The landscapes do not disappoint and you can also taste the famous wines of the region. 

Charisma of Paris

Charisma of Paris

Capital of France, Paris is almost an obligatory stop for anyone visiting France for the first time. Its monuments of immense architectural beauty and the magical atmosphere that is breathed in the streets, offer an unforgettable experience. Town romantic by nature, Paris dazzles also for its friendly and relaxed people that know how to enjoy all the good times of life.   

Discover the jewels of Paris, the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but be sure to note the locals and follow their footsteps! Taste the delicacies in local restaurants and relax by the Seine.