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Cape Verde

Cape Verde


When you arrive in Cape Verde, leave the hectic life outside! As the locals use to say, accept the morabeza, i.e., do things calmly. The relaxed life and locals friendliness match the wonderful beaches of Cape Verde and its inspiring mountains.

Enjoy the golden beaches

Enjoy the golden beaches

One can’t talk about Cape Verde without mentioning its stunning beaches!Star with the touristic milestone: island of Sal! 

Visit the Salinas de Pedra Lume and float on a water that is 26 times saltier than the ocean. Do you prefer calm water.

Visit the Olho Azul and dive in the natural pools. 

The island of Boa Hora and its endless beaches are also waiting to welcome you. Take the scuba gear and enjoy the great snorkeling conditions that this island has to offer. Don’t forget to watch the sea turtles!

Adventures in the mountain

Adventures in the mountain

But Cape Verde is so much more than beautiful beaches! if you are adventurous, the island of Fogo has an active volcano set in a rocky and arid landscape. 

The smallest island of Cape Verde is the Brava island, with only 67 km2. In there you will find a colored world, where the green is mixed with the flowers’ bright colors. It’s the ideal setting for a trekking session and to explore the nature. Make sure that you also visit the island of São Nicolau. Lose yourself in its rural and rugged landscapes and climb the peak of Monte Gordo, which offers the best view of the island. 

Sit at the table

Sit at the table

If you visit Cape Verde, you surely won’t forget its flavors!Fresh fish fills the tables, sharing the spotlight with the shellfish, specially with the beautiful lobster. In all the islands, you will find the cachupa, a typical dish made with corn, beans, vegetables, meat and chorizo.

Are you thinking about the dessert? Try the goat cheese served with fresh papaya and you won’t regret it!

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