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When we talk about the Netherlands, we think in waterways, bicycles, beer, flowers and art, but the country have much more to offer! Experience the Netherlands!

Towards the traditions

Towards the traditions

Because Netherlands is full of traditions, you have to visit the various towns that make this beautiful country.   

Start by Gouda, a city known for its cheese with origins from 1189 and its Stroopwafel, a biscuit shaped waffle stuffed with caramel sauce. Now it’s time to leave the car aside and go to Giethoorn, the city where cars are not authorised to enter. In its historical centre you can only walk, ride a bike or a boat, but the wander is well worth it. Do not forget to visit the beautiful city of Kinderdijk, known for its wonderful windmills.  


The Amsterdam charisma

The Amsterdam charisma

Priceless Museums, the house-museum of Anne Frank and the countless cultural shows. Amsterdam is a city rich in culture, but also in beauty. Stroll through waterways that adorn the city, relax in the gardens which can be found right in the middle of the town or explore the characteristic flower market. 

Do not forget to rent a bike to explore the city as a true local and be sure to try the wonderful brunch with typical Dutch sauce or craft beer. 

Know the History of the Netherlands

Know the History of the Netherlands

f you’re a fan of the history of World War II, Arnhem is a must visit. Meet the gate of the old city, the reconstruction of the famous bridge of the movie "A Bridge Too Far" and its memorial, the Airbone Monument. In Bourtange, you will be able to meet the Fortress Bourtange, one of the most perfect and beautiful fortresses in the world. If you still have time, visit the city of Dordrecht and meet the oldest school in the Netherlands, founded in 1253.

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