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The force of nature, the majesty of elephants and the magnificent views. Enjoy the immense beauty of Zimbabwe!

Adventure in family

Adventure in family

An African country rich with natural wonders, but also with infrastructures that make life easier for its visitors. Whether you are a born adventurer or you are traveling with your family, Zimbabwe has a lot to offer. 

You and your children will love The Elephant Camp, where you can ride an elephant. If you are worried with the facilities, don’t be. The camps are so luxurious that you will not miss a thing! It is time to enjoy the sunset on a cruise. Enjoy the breeze and relax in a comfortable boat that will transport you through the river Zambezi.

Unique experiences

Bungee jumping, helicopter trips with breathtaking views, slide over the river, cage diving or an unique rafting. These and many more experiences are waiting for you!

But if you prefer more traditional adventures, Zimbabwe does not disappoint. Safaris, walking with lions, canoeing or fishing on the Zambezi River are just some of the options.

Do not forget to visit the monument that gave its name to the country, the Great Zimbabwe.

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