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The perfect retreat for sun and sea

In a prime location in southwestern France near the Atlantic coast, the town of Biarritz is famous for its beaches, therapeutic waters and world-class waves for surfing. The perfect retreat for sun, sea and waves!

The perfect retreat for sun and sea's Suggestions

The history of Biarritz

The history tells us that Biarritz was a small and quiet village of fishermen of whales. Until the mid-19th century, when the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugénie de Montijo, conquered by the beauty of the beaches of Biarritz, that extend along 6 kilometers of beaches, and for its therapeutic waters, built a palace as a summer residence, which became the Palace Hotel. Since then, Biarritz has expanded to become a global tourist reference.

Currently, Biarritz combines luxurious residences summer retreat and the elegant and refined style of tourists who attend glamorous restaurants and spas, with the relaxed atmosphere of a city that belongs also to surfers.

A paradise for surfers and thermal tourism

A paradise for surfers and thermal tourism

It is said that it was on the beaches of Biarritz who started surfing in Europe, in 1957, on the beach of the Côte de Basques. The waves of Biarritz today are a reference to the surfer community, both in winter and summer periods. Biarritz hosts many surf competitions, both french and international, that welcomes athletes from all over the world.

If you are a practitioner or simply fond of this sport, Biarritz is the perfect retreat for a holiday of sea and waves!

But the benefit of Biarritz goes beyond surf. The city is also a center of thermal tourism, with resorts of Thalassotherapy, therapeutic treatments based on the benefits of sea water.

The Maritime Museum of Biarritz

The Maritime Museum of Biarritz

Open to the public since 1933, the Aquarium and Museum are housed in an Art Deco building. It offers visitors an experience to discover flora and fauna, with more than 150 species, on a trip to the oceans and seas around the world, from the Pacific to the Atlantic North to the Caribbean sea. Expanded in 2011, it has 7,000 square meters and it has one of the largest swimming pools in France.

Being Biarritz a whale fishermen´s small village originally, it´s in the Museum that we can find memories and adventures of sailors. In the Aquarium, we find the beauty of its marine residents, as you can observe various species of sharks, rays, barracudas, and the stars of the aquarium - seals, as well as many other species that delight all the family, in the discovery of the animals that inhabit the bottom of the sea.

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