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Dundo - The Diamond City



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Dundo - The Diamond City

Dundo is the capital of the province of Lunda-Norte, a renowned city for diamond exploitation. But the richness and glow of Dundo extends beyond these gems.

Dundo - The Diamond City's Suggestions

The Diamond City

Dundo city has a history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, in 1912, when the city grew to the rhythm of diamond mining. From village to village, Dundo became a business city with growing urbanization, to also become a reference of Lunda Tchokwe tradition and culture.

The ethnographic museum in Dundo, one of Angola´s biggest museums, is the faithful depositary of art that represents Dundo´s commitment with cultural values and local traditions. Where you can enjoy ritual masks, like the Mwana Pwo, or decorative elements that reflect the legends and town history. A must-visit.

A diamond mine

A diamond mine

Diamond exploitation is the treasure of the economical activity of Dundo. These carbon minerals, and one of the most resilient and valuable stones on the planet, are found in depth, formed over a billion years ago, give the city wealth, brilliance and prominence. It is here, in Lunda-Norte lands, that are found exceptional diamonds in quality and size.

Landscape beauty

The eyes of the visitors will shine with the local landscapes beauty, rivers and countless streams and creeks, that represent the singularity of the region. Meet the lagoon of Kila, formed by the rivers of Lubalo and Cuango, or Changando laggon. Destinations to visit.

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