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Ilha do Sal

Ilha do Sal


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Ilha do Sal

One of Cape Verde's most acclaimed islands, Ilha do Sal ("Salt Island") is the perfect destination for those who want to relax. Breathtaking beaches and a warm people welcome you!

Ilha do Sal's Suggestions

A salty paradise

Sal is one Cape Verde's smallest islands as well a favourite destination for tourists — and there are good reasons for that. 

The islands biggest treasure lies on its beaches' soft and golden sand and its turquoise-blue waters whose salty contents will offer you a completely different experience. Float on the ocean water and head for the Pedra Lume saltpans, an unmissable landmark of this island: you can find them in the crater of an old volcano!

Before you finish your tour, your itinerary must absolutely include an adventure in Buracona. The journey begins in an arid and barren terrain and ends with a surprise: Olho Azul ("Blue Eye"), an open hole in an underwater cave that takes on the appearance of a large blue eye due to the effect created by sunlight. At the end of your visit, you must go for a swim in the natural pools that can be found in this landscape full of contrasts!

Fish rule on sal island!

Fish rule on sal island!

Dive into the clear ocean waters and swim alongside turtles, sharks and several fish shoals. Relax and allow yourself to be absorbed into this paradise of warm blue water and white sand.

Spend a morning at the Santa Maria pier and watch the arrival of boats loaded with fresh fish — this is the fish you will later enjoy during your meal. If you are a fan of turtles, you can join a local guide that will take to a turtle spawning area where you can observe nature takeing its course.

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Language Portuguese
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Local Time 14H46 (UTC-01:00) Cabo Verde Is.
Electricity 230V.50 HZ
GSM 900/1800 MHz

3G (2100Mhz) e 4G (LTE)