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Economic, financial and commercial center

Lagos is a city located in southwestern Nigeria in the Gulf of Guinea. It is the largest city in the country and the second largest African city. It was Nigeria's capital until 1991 and today it is the main financial, economic and commercial center of the country. It is probable that "Lagos" has its origin in the Portuguese city with the same name, since at that time this was the main center of the Portuguese expeditions along the African coast.

Economic, financial and commercial center's Suggestions

The mainland and its islands

The mainland and its islands

The city consists of a mainland and a number of islands around the Lagos lagoon. Iddo is the smallest island of Lagos, located near the mainland and linked to this as a peninsula. It is on the island of Lagos that the business center is located, with large buildings along the marina and other places of interest, such as the National Museum, the Lagos Central Mosque, Glover Memorial Hall, Christ Cathedral (CMS) and the Palace of Oba. It was also here — specifically in Tinubu Square — that, in 1914, the ceremony that would unify the territory of Nigeria took place, establishing the frontiers as we know today. Alongside this, we also have the island of Ikoyi, formerly home to the federal government of Nigeria and Victoria Island, home to some of the most expensive real estate in Africa, as well as Nigeria's largest mall and cinema and some of the best beaches in the country.

Lagos is a carnival!

Lagos is a carnival!

The Lagos Carnival, also known as Fanti or Caretta Carnival of Lagos, is the most famous in West Africa. Carnival is usually held during the Lagos Black Heritage Festival, a colorful folk festival that takes place annually in Lagos. The origins of Carnival date back to the colonial period of Lagos, when former slaves returned to the city in the 19th century. Carnival was celebrated again in 2010 and is usually centered on the Island of Lagos, filled with exhibitions of the most beautiful costumes and with various forms of entertainment, including music and dance. The carnival depicts an eclectic mix of the Nigerian, Brazilian and Cuban heritage of the city.
The New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine

Lagos may no longer be Nigeria's capital, but it is certainly the capital of nightlife in this country. Here the evening begins with a fine dinner where you can sample the delicacies of the Nigerian gastronomy, but you never know when it's over ... You can enjoy live music or dance until dawn in one of the luxurious bars or nightclubs of the city. Good drink, good music and better ambiance are guaranteed!

And you cannot say you experienced the nightlife of Lagos without visiting The New Afrika Shrine! This space belonged, in the 70's, to the king of Afrobeat, the saxophonist and singer Fela Kuti. A government attack got it destroyed, but in an attempt to keep his father’s spirit alive, Femi Kuti has reopened The Shrine. Here you can assist to live music events regularly and Femi Kuti himself often performs when he is in town at the weekend.

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