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Capital of Angola



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Capital of Angola

The capital of Angola promises you a unique experience. Everyone who has visited Luanda wants to return... and some never want to leave again. What will you be most passionate about? The warm climate, the paradise-like beaches, the friendly and relaxed people or the unexplored natural landscapes? Discover Luanda!

Capital of Angola's Suggestions

The history of Luanda

For the tourist, Luanda is one of the most complete cities. Besides beaches and parties, Luanda is also History and Nature. 

Visit the Palácio de Ferro (Iron Palace), the National Museum of Slavery and the São Miguel Fortress. Walk through the open air marketplaces, buy some popular handicrafts and take some souvenirs of Angolan culture with you. 

Naturally, those that visit Luanda will be amazed by its wild life and flora. Join safaris, explore this region and meet lions, zebras, buffalos or elephants. Do you prefer the ocean? You can go whale- and dolphin-watching, enjoy scuba diving or try your hand at sports fishing.

Unforgettable beaches

Unforgettable beaches

If you like sun, high temperatures and warm clear waters, then you will find Luanda has a lot to offer. 

The beaches of Mussulo are the most popular. Mussulo is a 30 kilometre peninsula that offers two different experiences: you will find beaches filled with coconut trees, restaurants and hotels; or you may stumble on a practically deserted stretch of sand that will remind you of paradise. Head for Palmeirinhas beach and visit Miradouro da Lua (ȐViewpoint of the Moonȑ), one of Luanda's major landmarks: a series of cliffs carved by nature and erosion that offer a breathtaking view of the landscape. 

Are you a surf fan? then you can hop on your board at Palmeirinhas beach, a popular destination for surfers.

Luanda's energy

Luanda's energy

There is one thing about Luanda that visitors never forget. the energy of its people! Every day is a party, smiles come easily and the rhythm of the music fills every moment of the day. 

Even if you can't dance, you won't resist joining the party on the warm evenings, especially when the weekend approaches. Semba, Kuduro or Redita, choose your beat and start dancing! 

Explore disco parties or join the charismatic street festivities that take advantage of Luanda's excellent climate. During the day, you can get lost in Luanda's colourful markets. Wood, bronze and ivory sculptures are this people's trademark, as well as colourful clothes and tropical fruit. Wear your simpelst clothes and head out to discover Luanda!

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Local Time 19H39 (UTC+01:00) West Central Africa
Electricity 220V.50 HZ
GSM 900/1800 MHz

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