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Capital of Mozambique



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Capital of Mozambique

Capital of the wonderful country of Mozambique, Maputo is a modern and effervescent capital that have all beauty of the nature just 15 minutes away. Come see Maputo!

Capital of Mozambique's Suggestions

A world of attractions

A world of attractions

With wide boulevards decorated with crimson acacias, Maputo is a modern city with several examples of precious architecture and places where you can know the history of the city and the country. 

Start by visiting the Cathedral, an imposing building from 1944 and then visit the Casa de Ferro (Iron House), a building from the 19th century designed in the Gustav Eiffel atelier.

The Botanical Garden of Tunduru is the perfect place to dazzle yourself with a beautiful collection of indigenous and exotics plants, and in the Nacional Art Museum you can appreciate the paintings and sculptures of local artists. 


A paradise island

A paradise island

Just 15 minutes of flight and we arrive at the Inhaca Island, a biological heritage of humanity and a true treasure. 

Breathtaking beaches, a unique fauna and flora and the unspeakable beauty colourful corals. We cannot forget the sea turtles and the other species that live in the clear waters of the Inhaca Island.     

A true sample of everything Mozambique has to offer, the island is a true heaven just by the side of a busy capital.

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Local Time 18H52 (UTC+01:00) West Central Africa
Electricity 220V.50 HZ
GSM 900/1800 MHz

3G (2100)

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