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The Venice of the West



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The Venice of the West

Nantes rivers and cannals invite you to a lovely visit in a city that has been dubbed the “Venice of the West”. Come meet the sixth largest city of France, who was once voted the happiest town in France and Europe's green capital.

The Venice of the West's Suggestions

City with history

Ancient capital of Britain and modern capital of Loire-Atlantique in the French region of Pays de la Loire, Nantes is a city with history.

Birthplace of writer Jules Verne (1828-1905), Nantes is embraced by canals and rivers Loire (the longest of France), Erdre and Sévre. A few kilometres from the Atlantic, the city was once a dominant French overseas trade port with a strong naval industry. Once extinct, the town lost luster. Reborn by the power of creativity and imagination of its people, which launched Nantes on an experience of culture and art.

Journey to the center of Nantes

Journey to the center of Nantes

The city invites: “Le Voyage à Nantes”. A journey to be made on foot, with an itinerary set along a green line with about 12 kilometres, marked on the sidewalks, which leads us to the unavoidable destinations of Nantes.

An experience that guides us to know the cultural and artistic heritage of the city, passing through castles, monuments ,museums, cultural events, viewpoints and gardens, as well as streets and alleys. Is a constantly evolving tour, with constant temporary initiatives that are included in the course, particularly in the summer months.

This is a journey to know Nantes, with a combination of all the best the city has to offer: culture and art.

Machines of the Isle

Machines of the Isle

The island is an adventure that seems to combine the imagination of Jules Verne with creativity, engineering and art of Leonardo da Vinci. Les Machines de L´île are amazing creations to see in the city of Nantes.

Like in an amusement park, we are presented with animals with gigantic dimensions. A mechanical elephant 12 metres high which will take us on a tour to visit the city, a big Ant, a colossal Octopus, and also a Carousel of the Marine Worlds.

A fantastic visit in the former shipyards of the Isle of Nantes. Machines of the Isle is a must see, and one of the main attractions of the city.

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