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Pau - Mountain Haven



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Pau - Mountain Haven

Surrounded by mountains, Pau has a mild weather which makes it an ideal winter haven and an equally pleasant destination in the summer.

Pau - Mountain Haven's Suggestions

Adventure in the Pyrenees

A small treasure in southeastern France, only 50 kilometers from the snowcapped Pyrenees, this quiet village combines a calm atmosphere with magnificent views, capable of making anyone feel brand new, whether you are travelling for business or leisure.
The City of Art and History

The City of Art and History

This whole village was built around the medieval Pau Castle, a main point of interest. Enjoy a nice historical walk along the streets and gardens surrounding the castle, which are filled with examples of 16th-19th century architecture.

To take in the region's rich art and history, just pay a visit to the Palais de Congres and the abundant museums, such as the Bearnais Museum, Bernadotte Museum and the Fine Arts Museum.

Pau stands out for the glamour and comfort of its large hotels, palaces and mansions, but without ever losing its heritage, which is why it has been labelled the City of Art and History.

Get in touch with Nature

Get in touch with Nature

A poet from the 19th century once said “Pau has the world's most beautiful view of the earth just as Naples has the most beautiful view of the sea”. Its exceptional location allows for a great view of the Pyrenees mountain range as well as the Jurançon hills. There are plenty of wonderful winter resorts as well as Europe’s oldest golf course.

Go to the Boulevard des Pyrenees for the best view, from which you can see the National Pyrenees Park ahead and the city behind.

Swing by Beaumont Park to escape the city bustle and complete your trip with a relaxing picnic surrounded by century-old trees.

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