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Wonderful City

Rio de Janeiro


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Wonderful City

Also known as the Wonderful City, Rio de Janeiro certainly lives up to the name. Come and visit a paradise of endless beaches and mountains, a city that is always on vacation!

Wonderful City's Suggestions

Between the sea and the mountain

Between the sea and the mountain

Beaches on one side, green mountains on the other – this is how Rio de Janeiro welcomes its visitors, with stunning beaches and breathtaking views.At the top of the Christ the Redeemer hill you'll find one of the best views in Rio, where the ocean is intertwined with the mountains and the cityscape stretchers before our eyes. 

A cable car ride will take you to the Pão de Açúcar mountain, about 400 metres above sea level and also endowed with an almost otherworldly beauty. With our feet firmly back on the ground, we find a Rio de Janeiro filled with amazing beaches, from Ipanema to Copacabana, and we cannot forget about Prainha, a surfer spot, or Grumari, a rustic beach in an environmental protection area.When you are at the beaches, don't forget to visit the drink stalls. The stalls have been in the same spot for over 30 years for a good reason: they have the best juices ever!

Partying in Rio de Janeiro

Partying in Rio de Janeiro

Rio's beaches are ideal for taking baths and relaxing, but this is also where most of Rio's parties take place. 

Thanks to an excellent good climate, day or night there are always beach activities and tourists are invited to take part – samba, a good mood and a lot of dancing!Lapa is also a mandatory stop for those who really want to know the carioca night life. Samba, rock, funk and pagode are just some of the styles you will be exposed to one the streets. 

Excellent beers can be found in Rio de Janeiro, and here you will taste all kinds of craft chopp (Brazilian name for beer): blonde, red, black or indian!

After the party, culture

After the party, culture

Despite Rio's many attractions, the richness culture of this city's culture cannot be forgotten. 

Visit the magnificent Theatro Municipal, a building whose style was inspired by the Paris Opera, or enjoy the beautiful modernism of the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (MAM) which houses major national and international art exhibits. 

Lovers of green areas and outdoors will consider the Sítio Roberto Burle Marx a true paradise: a 365 thousand square metre area housing roughly 3.500 tropical plant species from all over the world. Also don't forget the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, where you will find over 6.500 plant species from Brazil and the rest of the world.

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