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Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum

Johannesburg - South Africa

The Apartheid Museum illustrates the rise and fall of South Africa’s oppression from 1948 to 1994. Get to know the museum the portrays entire lives of servitude, humiliation and abuse.


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Understand the most oppressive era in South Africa through film, audio and inspiring stories of the struggle towards democracy.
The Apartheid Museum opened in 2001. It has a series of 22 exhibition areas that takes the visitor through a history of racial discrimination and struggle to the end of oppression.

The end of oppression

The end of oppression

In 1994, Nelson Mandela - leader of the nonviolent resistance against apartheid - was released from prison. The date marked the beginning of the end for oppression. Later, before a joyful crowd, he vowed to become president, and he was elected in the same year.

Practical Information

Open every day of the week from 9am to 17pm.
There are no guided tours available on a Monday.
Website: www.apartheidmuseum.org
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