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Brigadeiro (brigadier)

Brigadeiro (brigadier)

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Brazil’s best known sweet is made of chocolate and got its name during one of the country’s election campaigns. Try the brigadeiro!


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You’ll find it in every birthday party, family dinners and events. The brigadeiro is part of the country’s traditions.
These tiny ball-shaped chocolate delights have only 3 ingredients: chocolate, butter and condensed milk. The resulting mix is a nearly perfect confection covered in powdered chocolate.
Did you know…?

Did you know…?

Brazil’s brigadeiros are also known as “Brazilian truffles” due to their soft and delicate texture that is similar to that of French truffles. Also, 30 grams of brigadeiro contain 100 calories!

Practical Information

The traditional recipe has evolved over the years, so you might come across some variations that include milk, eggs and sugar.