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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

In the most famous sidewalk in Rio there are beaches, hotels, stores, restaurants and coffee shops. Come and meet Copacabana!


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Carioca beach

Princesinha do Mar (literaly Little Princess of the Sea), is the best known nickname given to one of the most famous places in Brazil. The beauty of the beach and the marvelous mountains are proof of it.
If on one hand the natural beauty attracts thousands of visitors, on the other hand the commercial and touristic neighborhood entertains those who pass by.
In Copacabana everyone is happy: wander the scenic beach promenade, practise sports in the fields available, enjoy a glass in the evening or just appreciate the rush in the neighborhood that never sleeps.
Copacabana diversity

Copacabana diversity

Copacabana is several miles long, with Morro do Leme on one side and Pão de Açucar on the other. Take a cable car to Pão de Açuçar and enjoy a perfect view over the bay, between mountains and green hillsides.
Just one step away, feel free to visit the upscale neighborhoods of Lagoa, Ipanema and Botafogo.
At the end of the day, relax in one of the many bars and clubs Copacabana has to offer. You can also opt for a night in the casino or watch a movie at one of the several cinemas available.

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Practical Information

Travel during the summer to make the most out of carioca rhythm. In Brazil, the hottest months are between December and February.