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Feijoada from Rio

Feijoada from Rio

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

With Portuguese and African influences, Rio’s gastronomy is rich with intense flavours. Come and discover its essences!


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Feijoada from Rio

Feijoada is inevitably the most traditional dish of Rio de Janeiro.
Usually, feijoada brings the family together on a Saturday or Wednesday meal. The dish decorates the table with black bean stew, prime meats, bacon and sausages. But it is not all about the stew: the delicacy should be served with white rice, farofa and chopped cabbage. Additionally you can add orange slices or chips.

Practical Information

One of the most appreciated dishes by locals and tourists became intangible heritage of Rio de Janeiro in 2013.
Feijoada is now integrated in the most noble Brazilian category next to Samba, Capoeira or Baianas.
The main reason to its election was based on the direct relationship between the delicacy and the history of Rio.