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French gastronomy

French gastronomy

Paris - France

French cuisine combines talent, experience and high quality products.


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Quiche lorraine, ratatouille, chocolate mousse, brûlé cream and petit gateaux are some of the most famous French dishes worldwide but French cuisine is not all about these specialities.
Divided into 22 regions, the country woos its visitors with a very unique cuisine combined with traditional products. Northwest cuisine uses butter, crème faiche and apples; Provençal cuisine prefers vegetables and olive oil and to the southwest typical food revolves around foie gras, mushrooms and sweetbreads.

Haute Cuisine

Haute Cuisine

There is more to French cuisine than traditional dishes. France won its status as the world’s best gastronomic location with haute cuisine and its delicate patisserie.
Paris brings together some of the finest haute cuisine restaurants, with delicate dishes and thoughtful touches.

Practical Information

Lovers of haute cuisine should make sure they visit the city’s most notable restaurants, namely those worthy of the culinary world's most prestigious evaluation system - the Michelin Red Guide.

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