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Ilhéu das Rolas

Ilhéu das Rolas

São Tomé - São Tomé and Príncipe

A piece of blessed land, for those seeking peace and tranquility.


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If you are thinking of going to São Tomé, the Ilhéu das Rolas is a mandatory stop. Located in the south of São Tomé Island, the islet is volcanic and is crossed by the equator. The Equator landmark is indeed one of the sights to visit. It is within a 15 minute walk through the forest and once there do not forget to get in with the right foot!
Paradisiacal beaches

Paradisiacal beaches

Apart from the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you will only find a luxury resort and a few hundred inhabitants. Do not be surprised if, on leaving the resort area, you are confronted by some local people trying to sell meals or tours to the south of the island. 

Whether you want to sample the fresh fish of the day and enjoy a fantastic meal at any improvised bar or get to know the island's best-kept corners, it might be a good idea to accept the invitation!  

And if you think you've seen it all, do not be surprised if, while visiting the best beach of the islet - the Café Beach - you’ll find some pigs on the sand. You may think you are in the Bahamas, without having left São Tomé yet! In the islet, as in the rest of the archipelago, the richness of the land is so abundant that it is possible to spend time doing all kinds of water sports and enjoying privileged forms of contact with nature.

Practical Information

How to get there? 

Take the bus in São Tomé to Ponta Baleia (a 2:30 hours trip). There you can take the boat and enjoy a 20 minutes trip until the islet.

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