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Lagos Water Regatta

Lagos Water Regatta

Lagos - Nigeria

Come and see a traditional Lagos event, a unique celebration that demonstrates Lagos´s aquatic splendor, in a boat parade decorated with tradition and culture.


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Included in Lagos Black Heritage Festival´s celebrations, the Water Regatta is an event that takes place annually, destined to locals and tourists, to celebrate the coastal area of Lagos and water activities. The impact that has to the life of the city and local communities, whether from a sporting, cultural, economic or recreational perspective.

Watch a boat parade, with various marine vessels decorated with tradition and creativity, representing the local culture. An opportunity to see color, animation and festivity, in celebration of the region´s aquatic importance and potential.
In addition to the parade, you can also enjoy other activities such as swimming competition in open water, boat racing and canoeing, jet skis, among other attractions.

Being a tradition with decades, Lagos Water Regatta originates in ceremonies to honor the sea goddess, Olokun, for blessing and protection of the fishing expeditions.

Practical Information

The Regatta takes place every year on Easter Sunday.
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