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Lion & Safari Park

Lion & Safari Park

Johannesburg - South Africa

A trip to South Africa is never complete without a proper audience with the kings of the jungle!


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In the Gauteng region, just 60 km north of Johannesburg, there is a large 500 acres area dedicated to the protection and observation of wildlife: welcome to the Lion & Safari Park, a doorway to the wilderness! When you arrive, make sure you remember to salute the local monarchs - lions, of course!
A trip through the animal kingdom

A trip through the animal kingdom

Besides the kings of the jungle, here you will also find cheetahs, wildebeests, impalas, zebras, black-backed jackals, and many other species that make their home in this part of the world. You will see them both in their natural habitat and in captivity.
Don’t waste more time! Hop onto a jeep and go on a safari through the wilderness of Africa.

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Practical Information

Guided tours / safaris depart from Johannesburg and have an average duration of 4 hours.

For more information check the official Lion & Safari Park website.
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