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Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

Johannesburg - South Africa

Imagine a brick warehouse that works as a traditional market: buy fresh products, check the handicrafts section or find out new companies and entrepreneurs. All of this in one place - Neighbourgoods Market.


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From a run-down neighbourhood to a pioneering creative hub

What was once a run-down neighbourhood — Braamfontein — has now given place to a pioneering creative centre. Housed in a modernist building, Neighbourgoods Market is more than a local market: it is now a source of carefully selected fresh products and a meeting point for a united community.
Share stories and be inspired by the energy of Johannesburg.

What to do in Neighbourgoods Market

Lose yourself in healthy brunches, drink a cold beer or wake up with a cup of coffee. If you prefer, get to know the city’s new designers, regional producers or gourmet merchants. Upstairs, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset over the city.