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Selarón Steps

Selarón Steps

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Discover one of the most beautiful stairways in Rio - you can find it between the Santa Teresa and Lapa neighbourhoods!


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In 1990, Jorge Selarón decided to renovate some of the steps of the stairway in front of his house, since they were in a dire need of renovation.
He began to apply coloured tiles, using the Brazilian flag colours — blue, green and yellow azuis — on the broken steps. What started as a hobby soon became an obsession to bring colour and energy to the this dividing line between two typical Rio de Janeiro neighbourhoods. 
International Recognition

International Recognition

The 115-step stairway, covered with over two thousand tiles collected in over 60 different countries, has been mentioned in famous magazines, newspapers, travel shows and many other media!
This open air installation has been the set for music videos by Snoop Dog and U2 and was also the background for advertisements by National Geographic, American Express or Coca-cola.

Practical Information

The Selarón Steps are also known as the Santa Teresa Convent Stairway or also as Rua Manuel Carneiro (Manuel Carneiro Street, its official name).