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Oporto - Portugal

A major reference in the landscape of Portugal’s heritage, the Serralves Foundation comprises a harmonious Natural Park, the Serralves Villa and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves.


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Serralves Park

With 18 hectares, the park includes formal gardens, woods and a traditional farmhouse. It was designed by architect Jacques Gréber during the 1930s. The park allows multiple routes with varying durations and a privileged contact with nature.
Observe the diversity of the natural heritage, composed of more than 200 species and varieties of ornamental native and exotic plants located throughout the park.
Also take advantage of your visit and get to know the sculptures from the Serralves Foundation collection.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves

Widely regarded as an international reference as far as contemporary art exhibitions are concerned, the park features a permanent collection that includes numerous works by prominent artists.
The Museum of Contemporary Art Started began its operation in 1991 and opened a new building eight years later. It has temporary exhibitions, educational programs and public performances and sessions.
Find the balance between art and nature in Portugal’s most important art museum.

Serralves House

Serralves House

Home to counts and currently an exhibition space for modern and contemporary art, the Serralves Villa was opened to the public in 1987.
Travel back in time, lose yourself in the Art Deco architecture and discover the secrets inside the building, which has remained true to its original version.

Practical Information

Visit Serralves from Tuesday to Sunday. Prices start at 5 euros per person but on first Monday morning of each month, admission is free.
Website: www.serralves.pt

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