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The market that has everything!

The market that has everything!

São Tomé - São Tomé and Príncipe

The Local Market is the best place to go shopping. Here, you can discover the main local specialities and the different ways of cooking it. Come in: you won’t regret it.


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Fruit, the highlight of the place

The headline of this article is not a surprise. Even those who don’t visit the market will admit: while walking around through the São Tomean territory, you´ll stumble upon a piece of fruit each 3 meters.

Inside the market, fruit rules. The stands of bread fruit and bread banana are in majority. These two fruits can be prepared in three ways: cooked, roasted and fried. But there’s more: jackfruit — huge ones! —, papayas, mango and apple bananas.

While you’re taking the fruits home, you may be surprised with the “live concerts” given by the small traders, who start singing out of the blue. If you’re listening to this show for the first time, you’ll think they rehearse it in a regular basis. And, after the singing, comes the dancing.

Fish and side dish

The market stands with a huge variety of fish, will surprise you. If you’re staying in a place where you can grill them, go for it: it’s fresh! In contrast, the most part of the population dry the fish because they don’t have a home refrigerator.

The Local Market has also a large offer of vegetables. Or, in other words, the side dish for your fish. The “mata-bala”, similar to the yam, is one of the highlights. It can be tasted as an appetiser. You can also find the cassava, corn or the chilli. Feel free to take what you want.

Practical Information

The Local Market is located in Conceição Avenue — São Tomé
Before you take pictures of the stands, make sure to ask permission.
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