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Country of indisputable beauty, it offers magical landscapes and a surprising people. You’ll stay in a country full of natural wonders that show the beauty of Africa.

The rare beauty of Angola

Angola is a country of rare nature that enchants with its beauty. Rich in natural resources, we are mostly amazed by the beaches, the mountains, the fauna and the flora. It’s a vast country that included several must-see destinations for those who want to experience the beauty of Africa.

Visit the Kalandula waterfalls, the 2nd largest of Angola, and you will be amazed with its untamed beauty.

Go to Cacuaco and get ready for an image that will forever be marked in your memory: the cemetery boat beach. In here, about 30 boats are lying, which make this beach a mandatory stopping point.

Fall in love with Lobito and Mussulo

Situated in the province of Benguela, Lobito is known as Angola’s living room. You will find more than 10 km of white sand and clear water beaches that are the charms of its visitors. Lobito is one of the best places to travel with the family, visit the beaches and learn the culture of Angola.

And if Lobito is considered the living room, Mussulo does not get behind. With a sandbank with about 30 km, Mussulo’s beaches are true offering to the nature. The coconut trees guarantee a refreshing shadow, while its calm waters promote the practice of water sports.

People that sing... and enchant

To visit Angola is to join the people. You will listen to the semba music, you will dance the kizomba and laugh at the end of the day in a neighbor’s yard or at the beach. In Angola, the music is not an extra — it’s an essential commodity.   

The Angolan people makes you feel at home, with overflowing sympathy and the desire to take you to the party and to show you the true Angola.   

Let yourself go by the Angolan spirit and explore its history.

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