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Fly with TAAG in complete safety

Fly with TAAG in complete safety

Protection measures against the Coronavirus.

Travel safely

We have updated the procedures to reduce physical contact between the passengers and crew from the moment you board until you reach your destination so as to minimise the Coronavirus risk.

  • Disinfection points throughout the airports, particularly where there are many passengers and staff;
  • Disinfection machines at the main accesses for passengers and their belongings;
  • Everyone’s temperature will be taken at access points, even at the terminal entrances;
  • Alcohol gel, visors, gloves and masks will be distributed to check-in and customer care staff.

Before your flight

Flight times have been staggered and passengers will board in small groups to avoid crowding at the boarding gate or on the buses.




Always keep as far apart as possible from other passengers inside and outside the aircraft and avoid contact with their luggage.





We provide alcohol gel on all our aircraft. Disinfect your hands when you board the plane. The crew will offer gloves and masks you can use during your flight.



During the flight

Passengers must wear their protective masks. We recommend passengers keep a distance from other people who are not part of their group of relatives or friends, whenever possible.



TAAG aircraft air circulation systems use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that remove 99.97% of all particles. The air is replaced and filtered every three minutes.


We have reduced crew-passenger interaction as much as possible for everyone’s safety. We have specific protocols to be followed if any passenger is symptomatic.




We continue to offer food and drinks but we have simplified the onboard service to minimise handling the items and we have adopted additional hygiene measures when handing out and collecting the products.


Blankets, pillows and similar items will not be reused and are not available on flights lasting less than 5 hours.

After the flight

We have defined proactive, regular cleaning procedures throughout the cabin on all international and domestic flights.




We have special protocols to remove waste and for cleaning that will be applied to aircraft where there are suspicious cases.



We will review and update onboard procedures whenever necessary according to the latest instructions from the medical and safety teams.

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