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Hold luggage

Hold luggage

With TAAG it's easy to know how much luggage you can carry! Use our simulator and check the weight and quantity of luggage you can take in your flight.

Maximum sizes and weights

Select a route :
A fee will be charged to all passengers who exceed luggage limits:

Preparing luggage

To ensure that transportation of your luggage occurs with the best conditions, bear in mind the following recommendations:

  • Identify your luggage with your name and address, both inside and outside;
  • Correctly pack your objects;
  • Close your luggage with a lock;

Items not allowed for cargo hold transport

For your own safety, the following items may not be transported in the aircraft cargo hold:

  • Fragile objects (glass, solar panels, etc.);
  • Perishable items (meat, fish, etc.);
  • Valuable objects (computers, cameras and related accessories);
  • Phones;
  • Personal and/or important professional documents;
  • Monetary goods (cash, credit cards, checks, gold, silver, etc.);
  • Expensive personal items (jewelry, clothing, etc.);
  • Essential medication;
  • Dangerous items;

TAAG reserves the right to refuse check-in of any luggage that is not properly packed in appropriate containers and does not fit the guidelines regarding luggage.


Hold luggage is transported in the airplane’s cargo hold. You will not be able to access this luggage for the duration of the flight so you should make sure it is not carrying any items you will need during the flight.

Depending on your route, you may have to pay an extra amount for the excess weight in your luggage

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