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Learn everything about the process for transit and transfer passengers.


Transit passengers are those who have begun their journey in a previous stopover and are making an intermediate stop before their final destination. 

Learn about the landing and disembarking procedures:

  • Transit passengers receive transit cards when exiting the airplane or entering the terminal;
  • Passengers will be taken to the transit room and remain there until boarding begins;
  • As soon as boarding procedures begin for their onward flight, transit passengers will be the first to board the plane;

In special conditions, and whenever aUthorised, the following transit passengers will be allowed to remain on board:

  • Passengers benefiting from special assistance (unaccompanied minors, incapacitated passengers, escorted passengers who have been deported or not allowed entry in the country);
  • Pregnant women; 
  • Passengers on stretchers and their escorts;


Transfer passengers are those who arrive from their departure point or a previous stopover and are awaiting another flight before heading off to their final destination. In this case, the trip may be operated by several airlines.