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The city of Mojitos and Rumba



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The city of Mojitos and Rumba

The history, the revolution, the friendly people, the music, the mojitos... all great reasons to visit Havana, the city that you will be longing for even before you leave.

The city of Mojitos and Rumba's Suggestions

Old Havana, new Havana

Old Havana, new Havana

To visit Havana is to be able to observe a piece of History that has been frozen in time. The old buildings that make up the city are in strak contrast to the new section which is also attractive in its own way. 

Havana Vieja has been classified as World Heritage Site and includes 144 buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries: this means the city si a true open air museum. 

To really get to know Havana, just put on some comfortable shoes... and walk! Wander through narrow streets and    sidewalks and admire the History that Havana's sights have to offer.

Inexhaustible culture

Inexhaustible culture

For those who are passionate for culture, Havana can quickly become a paradise! 

Begin with Museo de La Revolución (The Museum of the Revolution) — when you leave, you will notice that the Revolution's bullet holes are still visible in the yard. Plaza de Armas can be your next stop: in this square you can admire historic buildings and marvel at the local green spaces that adorn it. 

Even if you are not attending a performance, the Great Theatre of Havana is a mandatory stop because of the beauty of its architecture. 

You may finish your tour at Avenida Malecón, Havana seaside scenic road, where you can relax and taste Cuba's creamy icecreams. At 9pm, watch out for the Fortaleza La Cabaña daily cannon firing ceremony!

Mojitos, fun and music

In Cuba everyone dances and Havana is the capital of fun. Here,mojitos are sold everywhere and no one says no to a true Havana Mojito. Order one of these and relax!

When you walk around the city you will come across groups of musicians who spontaneously burst into song and bring joy to passersby.

This is a city where rhythm is in the blood, where you can hear music all day long and people live with a smile on their faces.

Let yourself be carried away by Havana's rumba!

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