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Hand luggage

Hand luggage

On flights operated by TAAG - Linhas Áreas de Angola you can take luggage with you on the airplane cabin. Get to know everything about hand luggage!

Take your possessions with you!

Do you need to carry more luggage? Do you have any objects that you prefer to have within your reach? With TAAG you can take luggage with you for free. It can be put in the luggage compartment or in the space right in front of your seat. This way, your possessions will always be near you during the trip.

Allowed weight and size

For safety reasons, there are weight and size limits for hand luggage:

  • Domestic flights: the maximum weight allowed is 5 kg for Economy and 8kg for Executive and 1st Class
  • International flights: the maximum weight allowed is 8 kg (there is an exception for Beijing and flights originating in Brazil, where passengers can carry up to 10 kg) for all classes;
  • The sum of the suitcase/luggage's measurements (height + width + length) cannot exceed 115 cm.

What you have to bear in mind

Besides your suitcase / hand luggage, you can also carry one of the following items with you:

  • Personal shoulder bag;
  • Tablet/laptop computer bag;
  • Medical devices that are allowed to be used on board.

You should also check the list of objects not allowed on board.


Hand luggage is that which you can take with you for free in the airplane’s cabin.

The sum of the suitcase/item’s measurements may not exceed 115 cm. Example: 55 cm length + 40 cm height + 20 cm width.

Passengers are responsible for their own hand luggage which they carry with them into the cabin.

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