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Special luggage

Special luggage

Some items, because of their characteristics, are considered to be special luggage. Discover these types of items and learn how to transport them in a TAAG flight.

Items considered special luggage

Because of their characteristics and dimensions, some objects are considered special luggage. Such items can be transported, but may need special treatment.

Check which items can be considered special luggage:

  • Musical instruments;

Your special luggage without additional costs

As long as you don't exceed the baggage allowance, transporting special luggage has no additional costs.

Sometimes, because of the item's size or other specific needs, it might also be necessary to create special transportation conditions. These are the only situations where additional transportation fares will be charged.

Whenever the weight exceeds the baggage allowance, the following fares must be taken into account:

  • Up to 32kg and measurements outside industry standards (215 cm), the value is USD 380;

  • Up to 32kg and measurements within industry standards (158 cm) the value is USD 380;

  • Up to 32kg and measurements within industry standards (158 cm) the value is USD 150;


The following items are considered special luggage: musical instruments.

Yes. The weight of your special luggage will be added to the weight of your normal hold luggage.

Before you book your flight, you must contact TAAG to ensure availability for transporting special luggage.

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