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Animal transportation

Animal transportation

Do you need to transport an animal on your flight? Know TAAG's conditions for doing so.

Animal transportation condition

In all of the cases mentioned below, TAAG must always be informed of the intent to transport an animal when making a booking. Animals may only be transported in the Economy class and are subject to availability of space.

All living animals must travel as declared cargo by countries that do not allow entry of animals as registered luggage. If in doubt, contact the destination country's embassy.

TAAG does not transport passengers with "Emotional Support Animal".

Small domestic animais, dogs and cats, with weight under 5 kg may be accepted in the Economy class and if the animal does not exceed one of the following measurements:

  • Length (excluding tail): 50cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Weight (including container): 5kg

Large sized and ferocious unaccompanied animals will be transported as cargo. Domestic animals that exceed the above mentioned dimensions will also be transported as cargo.
If in doubt, you must contact the TAAG Cargo Service.

The guide dog that accompanies a visually impaired or hearing-impaired passenger can travel for free in the airplane's cabin or cargo compartments. When accepted into the cabin, the dog must travel with a muzzle and may not occupy a seat.

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