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Management Policy

Management Policy

Get to know TAAG's management policy. Discover our ambitions, our values and our strategy.


The challenge of TAAG - Linhas Aéreas de Angola, E.P. is described in the Company's Mission Statement and Vision Statement. Being up to this challenge means being aware of the limited conditions that will ensure implementation – our critical success factors – as well as the beliefs and values that will guide everyone's actions.

Success in how we respond to the Clients' air transportation needs, their security, quality, reliability, economy and precision expectations in all of the Company's activities and services will all depend on how we work and our ability to stay focused on what is actually important: the continual improvement of our work processes and internal practices.


To maintain our leadership position, to identify and define new patterns that allow us to attract and retain Clients in our market, it is important that the business environment monitoring is continual and systematic. It is also important that the information provided by such monitoring is used to establish, implement, review and improve policies, strategies, objectives, goals, indicators and short, medium or long term plans. By learning from our mistakes or knowing how explain the tendencies of results, we are creating the conditions to elevate our standards to the more demanding levels. 

We strive to make sure that the Company projects a friendly and professional image at all times and make all efforts to minimise our operations' environmental impact and provide a healthy and safe environment for our Clients and Employees.

The Accountable Manager, Members of the Board, Directors and other responsible parties are in line with this policy and will ensure its application by assuming the following commitments:

  • Promoting Orientation and Focus in results, thereby ensuring that operational safety and quality are the main concern of all of business activities as well as ensuring the monitoring of each department's 
    activities, measuring and recording progress in order to ensure a continual improvement;
  • Carrying out TAAG-Linhas Aéreas de Angola, E.P. operations in a  professional and disciplined manner, honouring the highest traditions of the aerial transport sector. Aircraft security and passenger comfort must be considered maximum priority;
  • Ensuring organisational efficiency through the improvement and management of work processes, identification of risks and decision-making based on information gathered from the monitoring system;
  • Developing and maintaining TAAG's Quality Management System (QMS), Safety Management System (SMS) and Security Management system (SEMS);
  • Promoting Change, Learning and Continual Improvement Management, challenging the status quo, making changes and using learning and knowledge sharing to identify opportunities for improvement and increasing our organisational agility.
  • Managing Employees in a way that they adopt TAAG's goals as their own, by defining and publicising responsibilities regarding safety and quality, reinforcing the importance of individual and collective responsibilities; demonstrating commitment to the Employees' safety, health, training and development;
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