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Undelivered luggage

Undelivered luggage

Did you arrive to your destination and didn't get your luggage back? Know what to do to recover it as soon as possible!

Undelivered luggage?

At TAAG we know how important luggage is for you and we will spare no effort to have it returned to you as soon as possible!

If you do not get your luggage on arrival, you should inform us immediately — you may do so at one of our counters.

You will then be given a reference that will allow you to know the state of your lost luggage process at all times.


TAAG uses a luggage search system that is common to most airlines, which allows us to be quicker in returning your luggage.

You may use the reference given to you after making the luggage claim to find out how your luggage claim process is going — just check here to get that information at any time!


If we are unable to locate your luggage within 30 days after the claim is made, it will be considered permanently lost and an adequate compensation will be given to you.

According to the limits of liability defined in the Warsaw Convention, TAAG will compensate the passenger by paying USD $27.00 for each kg of luggage, or an equivalent amount in Kwanzas (AOK), adjusted to the current exchange rate. If you declared valuable items or merchandise to customs and/or a proof of insurance is presented to TAAG, you will be compensated according to the stated value, in order for you to suffer no further losses.

Click here to find more information about lost luggage.

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