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Discover Umbi Umbi

Welcome to Umbi Umbi Club, a program created by TAAG to thank and reward our customers for their loyalty. With Umbi Umbi you will be able to earn miles every time you travel. And after that? All you have to do is trade your miles for Award Tickets or Upgrades! Find out more!

Earn Miles

Miles will be accrued according to the distance flown in miles and the fare you bought. You’ll receive even more miles according to your tier.

Bonus Miles

According to the distance flown in miles and the fare you bought you’ll get bonus miles.

But Umbi Umbi Program will also award you with more bonus miles! Depending on your tier, you may earn 10%, 25% or even 50% more bonus miles.

Then you can trade your miles by Award Tickets or Upgrades. These miles are valid for 36 months after the flight date.

Mile Status

The status miles will allow you to upgrade your tier or renew it. These miles are accrued according to the distance flown in miles and your current tier.

If you earn 25,000 miles in a 12 months period you automatically become SILVER and as you earn 60,000 Status Miles, you’ll reach the top tier, which is GOLD.

See status levels and avantages

Use miles

It's easy to use miles! You can trade your miles by Award Tickets or Upgrades. The number of miles needed depends on the trip you wish to make.Use our miles calculator to quickly know how many miles you need.





Your journey in the Umbi Umbi Club, starts with the Classic Card.

This is the first program status level.

Accumulating status miles, you will be able to reach Silver or Gold status level.

See all the benefits by level.

Needed status miles
25 000
60 000
Dedicated Call Center
Award Tickets
Upgrade with miles
Bonus miles
Benefits with our partners
Dedicated check-in
Business counter
First class counter
Additional baggage
5 Kg
10 Kg
Priority baggage
Admission to lounge
Lounge guest access
full film izle