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In a land where coffee is king, tea is becoming more and more important. Nigiro wishes to bring tea to the people, promote positive vibes and share moments with a cup of tea.

They say that when tea is mixed with the right energy, at the correct temperature, the perfect time and the right state of mind, all of its glories are unlocked.
Get to know the properties of each tea, learn how to make the perfect tea cup and taste several teas at you disposal.
In the end, go for a stroll in the tea fields and discover the secrets of the tea house.

Visitors can count on 200 different types of tea produced and prepared according to Chinese and Thai methods.
Here, the suggestion is simple: slow down, forget the routine and enjoy the art of relaxing.


You can visit Nigiro Tea Merchants every day from 9am to 16pm. Prices range from R25 to R75.