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The only mandatory vaccine you must take before visiting Angola is the one for yellow fever (also mandatory for transfer passengers that stay more than 12 hours in Luanda). You should take it at least 10 days before your journey. Babies less than 9 months old are exempt.

To get more information about other recommended vaccines, contact the Angolan Embassy in your country of residence.


Are exempt from the yellow fever vaccine, all passengers who:

  • Are in transfer from Portugal to South Africa, Portugal to Maputo, Portugal to Harare, Portugal to Lusaka or Portugal to Namibia with permanence in Luanda lower than 12 hours.
  • Are in transfer from Luanda to Lisbon, Porto, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Nairobi, Paris or Casablanca with permanence in Luanda lower than 12 hours.

However, it is our recommendation that all passengers take the vaccine.