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The challenge of TAAG - Linhas Aéreas de Angola, S.A. is described in the company's mission and vision statements. To meet this challenge means to be aware of the limited conditions that will ensure the implementation - our critical success factors - as well as the beliefs and values that will guide everyone's actions.

The success of how we respond to our customers' air transportation needs, their safety and quality, depends on our work processes and internal practices.


To maintain our leadership position, we must identify and define new patterns that will allow us to attract and systematically. It is also important that the information provided by such monitoring be used to define, implement, review and improve policies, strategies, objectives, targets, indicators and short, medium or long-term plans. By learning from our mistakes or conditions to raise our standards to higher levels.

We strive to ensure that the company presents a friendly and professional image at all times and make every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and provide a healthy and safe environment for our customers and employees.

The Accountable Manager, members of the Board of Directors, Directors and other responsible parties are in agreement with this policy and will ensure its application by making the following commitments:

  • Promote a focus and results orientation to ensure that operational safety and quality are the primary concern of all business activities and to ensure that the activities of each department are monitored, measured and recorded to ensure continuous improvement.
  • To carry out the operations of TAAG-Linhas Aéreas de Angola, S.A. in a professional and disciplined manner, honouring the highest traditions of the aerial transport sector. Aircraft security and passenger comfort must be considered maximum priority.
  • Ensure organizational efficiency by improving and managing work processes, identifying risks and making decisions based on information obtained from the monitoring system;
  • Develop and maintain TAAG's Quality Management System (QMS), Safety Management System (SMS) and Security Management System (SEMS);
  • Promote change, learning and continuous improvement management, challenging the status quo, making changes and using learning and knowledge sharing to identify opportunities for improvement and increase our organizational agility.
  • Lead employees to adopt TAAG's goals as their own by defining and publicizing safety and quality responsibilities, reinforcing the importance of individual and collective accountability, and demonstrating commitment to employee safety, health, training and development;