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The red Gothic tower at the Kaiserdom (Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral) is an inevitable landmark of this historical city.


Dating from the 13th Century, the Kaiserdom St Bartholomäus (Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral) has long been central to the history of Frankfurt and Germany itself: after all this was where Holy Roman Emperors were crowned up until the late 18th Century.

The building received its name from the Christian apostle St Bartholomew, and its most striking features are its red sandstone walls and its 95 metres tall Gothic tower that dominates the city centre.

The cathedral is also notorious for having been rebuilt twice: after a 1867 fire destroyed its first incarnation, its second version did not survive the bombings of 1944, it has since been rebuilt again.

A museum can be found to the left of the entrance - the Dommuseum, where visitors can view a collection of liturgical objects. Concerts and organ recitals also regularly take place at the cathedral.


The cathedral can be visited during the following schedules:
8am-8pm Monday to Thursday
12am-8pm Friday
9am-8pm Saturday and Sunday

A ticket must be purchased to visit the tower (€3.50 adults, €1.50 concessions). The schedules for tower visits are:
9am-6pm between April and October
11am-5pm Thursday to Monday, between November and March

For more information visit the cathedral's official website.