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A West African delight and a Nigerian delicacy that is a must-try!

Jollof Rice is one of the most popular and most served dishes of Nigerian gastronomy and also in other West African countries. Each country claims for itself the best version of Jollof Rice. There are even contests promoted to compete for the best recipes across countries. So for Nigerians, there is a sense of pride in making the best Jollof Rice.

This is a must-taste for anyone visiting Nigeria.

It consists of rice usually served with fried chicken but may have other protein side dishes. Rice has several recipes, but is usually made with long-grain rice, vegetable oil, pepper, and the ever-present tomato, which gives it the reddish, appetizing, mouth-watering tinge!

Jollof Rice is a very celebrated dish in Nigeria and Lagos, always present in festive times!


In Lagos you can easily find local restaurants to taste this typical rice. Look for restaurant references online at websites like tripadvisor, see the best polls and make your choice!

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