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Angola is a country with a vast untapped natural heritage. But if some landscapes remain secret, others are there for everyone to see, right in the center of the city.




The island is linked to the city through an isthmus at the foot of the São Miguel Fortress. 

It is located about 10km from the city center, facing the Luanda Bay.

In November the Kianda Feast is celebrated, a ritual of veneration to the divinity of the waters, protector of the fishermen.

Luanda is still recovering from the long years of civil war. But if on one hand we have the chaos of a city that is being rebuilt every day, on the other we have the modernity of an economic center that reminds us of the European capitals and the charm of their natural beauties, in a unique atmosphere.

The Luanda Island, also known as Cape Island, is one of those idyllic places, sought after by tourists but also by locals for rest and leisure. It is a shoreline that separates the city of Luanda from the Atlantic Ocean and here you will find the best offer of bars and restaurants by the sea, as well as the street markets.

The typical dishes are Muzongué and Mufete, both made with fresh fish, but the visitor also has the opportunity to taste and buy fish and seafood, just caught by the Muxiluanda, the inhabitants of the island whose main activity is fishing.