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Zambeziana chicken is a typical dish of Mozambique. Simple and easy to do, you can always try cooking at home.

If you are a fan of chicken dishes, you will love this Mozambican gastronomy delight. It is usually accompanied by coconut rice. When in Maputo, do not miss the opportunity to taste it. 

Why is this dish special? The seasoning is common, but the coconut milk-based sauce fills the meat with personality.


Prepare and enjoy this Mozambican delicacy at home.  


- 1 chicken 

- 1 coconut milk 

- Salt q.b 

- 2 lemons 

- 3 cloves garlic

- 1 fresh piri 


1 - Start by blowing the chicken and prepare a marinade with the remaining ingredients (except the coconut). Let the chicken marinate between one and two hours. 

2 - Put the chicken in a pan on the fire for a few minutes. Then remove the meat and, in the same pan, add the coconut milk. Let it boil. 

3 - Light the charcoal coals and let the chicken grilling on a low heat. Go brushing with the coconut sauce, which will give a very special taste.