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The waters that bathe the city of Namib are home to some of the most delicious fish in the African coast. Try the famous Fish Callaloo, a traditional recipe, and discover the true taste of Angola.


Callaloo is a traditional Angolan meal, also very popular in São Tomé and Príncipe. By custom, it is eaten in the company of family and close friends, or in celebration of life events such as marriage, and it can be made from meat or fish.

Being in the coastal city of Namib, which features an immense sea fishing area, we strongly recommend you to try the Fish Callaloo, a local specialty that is sure to delight even the most demanding of food lovers.


In a cooking pot, layers of dried fish and fresh fish are added to a special sauce which may include tomato, garlic, okra, sweet potato, spinach, zucchini and palm oil. The secret is in this sauce: it often tastes differently in different kitchens, but it will never fail to delight you.

As garnish, try the “funge”. It is a typical side dish in Angola, which may be made from corn flour or cassava flour and is well known for its rich and unique texture.


The most comfortable restaurants which offer the most amenities are located by the sea.

Alternatively, we suggest you explore the city’s traditional markets and plazas for places to eat, where you will find the most authentic experience.